Mötley Crüe Drummer Admits To Guzzling Two Gallons Of Hard Liquor A Day

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: Club Random Podcast

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Mötley Crüe drummer and co-founder Tommy Lee used to routinely guzzle two gallons of hard liquor, he told Bill Maher in a recent episode of the “Club Random” podcast.

Lee spoke candidly about the way he used to abuse his body and how resetting through sobriety has given him a clean bill of health.

“It’s fucking crazy, alcohol’s such a fuckin’ weird one too … it’s easy to fall in love with the way it makes you feel, the way it makes you relax, and then all of a sudden you’re like ‘Fuck! I’m drinkin’ two gallons of vodka a day,'” Lee told Maher.

He spoke about the intensity of his drinking habit during his heyday with the band and described the experience by saying, “‘You’re trying to kill yourself now, like fuck.'”

“Are you talking about yourself?” Maher asked.

“Two gallons a day, I swear to you, I swear to God. Gallons — with the big handle!” Lee said.

Maher asked him how long this went on for. “Fuck, man, for a long time,” the rock star answered.

He said he was aware he’d been destroying his body at the time. “Your liver is on crutches at that point … it’s just barely functioning.”

These days, the famous rocker has seemingly left his wild days behind. He told Maher he avoids alcohol and is living a clean lifestyle.

“I can’t believe — I pinch myself on a daily basis,” he said in apparent disbelief over still being healthy.

Maher attributed Lee’s health to good genetics and his devotion to his sobriety.

“I just did full-body scan where they do head-to-toe everything, and I can’t believe smoking, drinking, all the fucking dumb shit, or the fun shit that I’ve done,” Lee said. “Dude, the doctor was like you’re good, and I was like, ‘Are you sure?'” (RELATED: ‘I Would’ve Died Already’: Tim McGraw Credits Faith Hill For Saving His Life And Career)

“‘Is that my name on there, is there some Japanese guy in here that you have his results that you’re reading from, because I find that fucking impossible!'” he quipped.

“[I]t’s wild!” Lee said.