Trevor May Trashes Oakland Athletics Owner, Retires In Bold Fashion


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Former big league flamethrower Trevor May retired in bold fashion Monday, trashing his former team’s owner on the way out the door.

May, who spent the last year of his career as a member of the Oakland Athletics, told his fans on Twitch he loved everybody in Oakland “except for one guy, and we all know who that guy is.”

Though May never mentioned Athletics owner John Fisher by name, it became apparent Fisher was the lone exception to his love fest in Oakland when he said, “Sell the team dude … I tried to get a sell shirt. It didn’t get here fast enough. Just sell it, man.”

“Let someone who actually, like, takes pride in the things they own, own something,” May pleaded. “There’s actually people who give a shit about the game. Let them do it.”

“Take mommy and daddy’s money somewhere else. Dork,” May said.

May didn’t stop his complete evisceration there.

“If you’re just gonna be a greedy fu*k, own it. There’s nothing weaker than being afraid of cameras.” (RELATED: Woman Who Fired Gun At White Sox Game Reportedly Smuggled It In Under Her Belly Fat Rolls)

May insinuated Fisher didn’t earn his wealth.

“Do what you’re gonna do, bro. Whatever, you’re a billionaire. They exist. You guys have all this power. You shouldn’t have any because you haven’t earned any of it.”

Fisher inherited a fortune from his parents, Don Fisher and Doris Feigenbaum Fisher, the co-founders of clothing brand GAP.

May also claimed Fisher was “too soft to claim responsibility for anything you’re doing.”

Fisher will reportedly be moving the Athletics to Las Vegas after failing to reach an agreement to renew the team’s stadium lease with the city of Oakland.

“Just be better. That’s all we’re asking. Just be a human being,” May concluded.

The Athletics, who just finished the 2023 season with an MLB-low 50 wins, suffered from abysmal fan attendance in 2023, breaking decades-old attendance records and setting new lows.