Biden Official Claims There’s An ‘Understanding’ With Hamas About Not Stealing $100 Million In Aid

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer claimed Thursday that the Biden administration has an “understanding” with Hamas not to steal U.S. aid.

President Joe Biden announced the United States would send $100 million in humanitarian aid to Palestinians just days after the United Nations Relief and Works Agency posted on Twitter that Hamas stole fuel and other relief supplies.

“Speaking of resource, the president pledged $100 million in an aid package to Palestinian civilians, innocent civilians, in Gaza and the West Bank. How is the United States going to ensure that none of that ends up in the hands of Hamas?” CNN host Poppy Harlow asked. (RELATED: ‘Totally Inappropriate’: Trump Rips Biden For Sending $100 Million In Aid To Gaza)

“This was a primary focus of the president’s diplomacy yesterday, both in Israel where he met with the entire Israeli security establishment, but also in his phone conversations with regional leaders, including President El-Sisi of Egypt. Getting assistance into Gaza is a complicated undertaking. It involves, essentially, securing an understanding among Hamas fighters who control the check points on the other side of the border, among the government of Israel and among the government of Egypt,” Finer said.

“The agreement that the president secured will enable the trucks to flow as soon as the roadway can be repaired. The president was also quite clear if this assistance goes in it cannot be misappropriated. It cannot be taken by Hamas fighters for their own purposes. And so we’re gonna be watching that very closely. It has to get to Palestinian civilians.”

“It has to, but the question is from what you just said, is the U.S. then essentially in a position where it has to take the word of Hamas that it will not be taken? What other guarantee can there be?” Harlow pressed.

“We believe there’s an understanding now among all of the players who control that crossing, the Rafah crossing in Egypt, President El-Sisi has given his commitment to the president. The Israelis have said that they will permit assistance to go through. So we believe in the next day or so, that assistance will start to move.”

Israel urged residents in Gaza to evacuate Friday, citing the potential ground operations against Hamas, the terrorist group that launched a deadly attack against innocent civilians.