Britney Spears Reveals Her Go-To Drug From Partying Days

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears reveals Adderall was her go-to drug during her 2000s partying days within the pages of her upcoming memoir, “The Woman in Me,” according to an excerpt cited by The New York Times (NYT).

The iconic pop star shares many personal moments and previously untold stories in the memoir, and reportedly opens up about the party lifestyle she once led. Spears writes about her outings with other celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and their nights out together. Spears also admits her “drug of choice” was always Adderall, according to the NYT.


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Spears writes that she never really took things too far despite experiencing the nightlife scene in the public eye. “It was never as wild as the press made it out to be,” she says, according to the NYT.

She goes on to say she never really had much interest in doing hard drugs and preferred a different type of scene.

Spears also reveals she “never had a drinking problem” in descriptions of her life behind the scenes and away from the cameras, the NYT reported.

The star candidly opens up about the reason she opted to reach for Adderall, admitting to liking the ADHD medication. It “made me high, yes, but what I found far more appealing was that it gave me a few hours of feeling less depressed,” Spears writes, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Britney Spears Puts Knives To Her Own Throat In Disturbing New Dancing Video)


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The famous singer addresses a series of other personal topics within the pages of her new book, including the story of aborting Justin Timberlake’s baby, saying he broke up with her by sending a text message and recalling what life under a conservatorship was really like.

“The Woman in Me” will be released Oct. 24.