Britney Spears Puts Knives To Her Own Throat In Disturbing New Dancing Video


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears put two knives to her own throat in a chaotic and disturbing video posted to her Instagram account on Tuesday.

The iconic pop star first made the headlines with a bizarre knife-dancing video in September, but this time she made a slicing motion across her own throat. The star’s frightening throat-slitting motion action happened not once, but twice during this particular recording.


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Spears recorded herself dancing in a polka dot bralette and bikini bottoms as she danced around and clashed the knives together in front of her face and above her head. Spears then proceeded to make a slicing motion under her chin.

She confidently danced and twirled with the large paring knives in her hands and a smile across her face as she stared into the camera.

Toward the end of the video, Spears put her best dance moves on the creepiest display by spinning repeatedly at a dizzying pace.

The clanking of the knives sounded very real, but the pop star insisted in the post’s caption that they were fake. She sarcastically invited fans to her home to see for themselves, seemingly referring to the police who showed up at her residence to check on her well-being after she posted the first knife-dancing video. (RELATED: Fans Beg Someone To Rescue Britney Spears’ Dogs After Strange Knife Dancing Video Goes Viral)

“Come over don’t worry I have such a warm inviting loving home with these FAKE knives 🔪 !!!” she wrote.

Spears disabled comments for the post, preventing fans from sharing their thoughts about the bizarre spectacle.

The video was viewed upwards of 270,000 times in less than 15 hours.