What The Hell Happened To Joe Biden’s Chin In This Video?

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: dailycaller

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What is going on with Joe Biden’s face?

President Joe Biden appeared to grow a mushy butt chin while making remarks to the press at Ramstein Air Base in Germany following his trip to Israel.

Say what you want about Joe Biden, but he’s normally a pretty thin fellow. But in this video, his typically tight jawline appears to have melted into half-a-day-old ice cream. 

It’s possible a busy trip to the Middle East and lack of sleep are affecting our 80-year-old president’s physical appearance.

But that doesn’t make his Wicked Witch of the West-like transformation any less jarring. Apparently, the press pool said they could hear him yelling out “I’m meeeeeelting” from the back of Air Force One following his press appearance.

Biden’s best Peter Griffin impression came as he was (trying to) explain the U.S.’ current position that Israel is not suspected of bombing the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, mumbling, “our Defense Department says it’s highly unlikely that it was Israelis, would have … a different footprint, and intercepted some … anyway.” The explosion at the hospital Tuesday night killed hundreds of people, according to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry. The perpetrator of the strike has not been confirmed. (RELATED: Disinfo Reporter, Other Journalists Spread Hamas Narrative On Hospital Rocket Strike)

Maybe the new chin is an administration tactic to distract from his difficulty stringing together complete sentences? Staring at that thing, I personally almost forgot how incoherent he can be. That is, of course, until he started speaking again.