Oops, She Did It Again: Police Pull Britney Spears Over For Another Traffic Offense

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Police in Southern California pulled over Britney Spears earlier in October, making this the second time she has faced traffic tickets in October.

Law enforcement officers observed the famous singer crossing over the double lines during her commute, and pulled her over, according to TMZ. The star was issued a traffic ticket that forced her to pay a $327 fine. She was given a November 21 deadline, by which time she has to settle her bill to fully close the file on this matter.


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It’s either becoming a pattern for the star to attract police attention while on the road, or she is experiencing a bad luck streak, as this is the second time she has been pulled over and issued a ticket in the matter of a one-month time frame.

Court records of the encounter show that the star had just finished dealing with a traffic ticket she received earlier in the month, while she driving her white Mercedes.  The files indicate Spears was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for allegedly making an improper turn, according to TMZ.


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Although the improper turn was the initial reason that prompted the police to pull her over, Spears was issued a citation for driving without a valid driver’s license and failing to produce proof of valid automobile insurance upon the officer’s demand.(RELATED: REPORT: Police Called To Assist Britney Spears When She Ran Out Of Gas On Highway)

That initial traffic ticket resulted in a larger fine of $1,140. Online records show that Spears has already paid the original fine and settled her bill with the court, but she now has this additional ticket to address, according to TMZ.

Perhaps she should consider a driver, it may be cheaper than paying all the fines.