REPORT: Police Dispatched To Britney Spears’ Home After Concerning Knife-Dancing Video

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department reportedly attended Britney Spears’ residence Wednesday to execute a welfare check amid growing concern for the star.

Police were reportedly dispatched in response to calls suggesting Spears had injured herself while dancing with knives, and investigated the situation out of an abundance of caution, according to TMZ. Spears caused alarm after posting two videos of herself dancing with knives on her Instagram account in late September. The second video shows what looks to be a bandage wrapped around her wrist and an apparent gash on her right thigh, which led fans to believe she may have injured herself with the knives.


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The social media stunt was allegedly alarming enough for the police to become involved, and a flurry of calls warranted the in-person visit, TMZ reported. The police confirmed they did watch the knife-dancing video and were in agreement there may have been some cause for concern, according to the outlet. An unnamed source close to the matter told TMZ they had previously executed a welfare check on Spears and expressed alarm after seeing the video.

Law enforcement sources confirmed Spears was in attendance at her residence when police arrived and that the cops were able to speak with the star directly, according to TMZ. They reportedly determined she was not in any danger and left her property.


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Spears allegedly didn’t give insight as to what led to her apparent injuries, but fans suspect she fumbled the knives based on the sequence of events they viewed on social media, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Fans Beg Someone To Rescue Britney Spears’ Dogs After Strange Knife-Dancing Video Goes Viral)

This was not the first time police have reportedly attended Spears’ home to ensure her safety.

The star has not directly provided comment on the knife video or any possible injuries she may have suffered while performing the stunt.