DOJ Investigating Slimeball Silver’s NBA For Alleged Antitrust Violations Against Ice Cube’s League: REPORT

Left: Sarah Stier/Getty Images. Right: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Idol Roc Entertainment

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The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating the NBA over alleged antitrust violations after the league allegedly attempted to quash a competitor, Ice Cube’s Big3 League, according to a bombshell report from TMZ.

The allegations include claims the NBA discouraged owners from investing in the league, the NBA tried to thwart potential sponsors from doing business with Big3 and NBA referees were told they could not officiate for Big3 games, according to TMZ. 

The league’s founders, Ice Cube and his partner Jeff Kwatinetz, reportedly met with DOJ officials earlier this year, TMZ reported. 

The NBA denied allegations they interfered with advertisers. Spokesman Mike Bass told TMZ, “Those claims are not true” and the NBA has “been supportive of the Big3 since its inception, but we declined to invest.” 

The bombshell report aligns with comments Ice Cube made while appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience in June. 

“I’ve been trying to push my league, and mainstream sports media have really, you know, basically ignored what we’ve been doing for the past six years,” the former N.W.A. rapper told Rogan. (RELATED: Former NBA Coach Who Won Two Championships, Dies At 81)

“Why do you think that is?” Rogan asked. 

“I think they’re nervous about the NBA. They’re nervous about their relationship with the NBA … could be damaged if they promote the Big 3,” Cube claimed.  

“We’re not trying to compete in any way shape or form with the NBA,” Cube continued. “We’re very complimentary. So I don’t understand why they would do some of the things that’s being done behind the scenes.”

“Oh they’re like, encouraging people to not do it?” Rogan asked.

“Encouraging people to not sponsor us,” Cube replied. 

“Really?” Rogan asked

“Yeah, encouraging networks not to play us.” 

Really?” Rogan asked again.

“We’ve been able to survive, but you know at a certain point it’s just … redundant and ridiculous and we got to fight back in some way shape or form,” the rapper-turned-movie star concluded.

Cube and Kwatinetz founded the 3 on 3 league in 2017. The leagues’ schedules do not overlap, and The Big3 features a treasure trove of former NBA stars including Joe Johnson, Mario Chalmers and Jodie Meeks. 

The Daily Caller reached out to the Big3 for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

If this turns out to be true, Adam Silver is an absolute snake. How slimy do you have to be to sabotage a league peppered with your former (and sometimes current) stars? The NBA brought in a revenue of $10 BILLION in 2022, according to Statista. The Big3, meanwhile, brings in an estimated $3.2 million a year, per Grojo.com

Nothing angers me more than greedy corporations wielding their absurd advantages to keep everybody else groveling in the mud. (RELATED: NBA Superstar Traded For Second Time In Four Days)

The American spirit I was raised to know and love says you work hard and build your own success. It doesn’t say cutting somebody else’s legs off makes you taller. 

I strongly believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Adam Silver and his league office goons allegedly believe scorched earth is a good way to do business. I’m sincerely hoping the DOJ slaps them with a billion dollar fine. Lord knows they can afford it.