‘Adolf Hitler’ Signs Pro-Hamas Petition Along With 1,700 Prominent Sociologists

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A so-called “Open Letter” from Sociologist in Solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian People was signed by 1,700 people in October, including the late leader of the Nazi party who committed genocide against Europe’s Jewish population … Adolf Hitler.

The Daily Caller’s expert investigator Grayson Quay was quick to realize the open letter was really, truly, the most open thing the sociologists could have created. Literally, anyone can sign their revoltingly anti-Israeli letter, which is probably how the ghost of Adolf Hitler got in there.

It’s my opinion that Hitler would be a huge fan of these sociologists’ content and mindset because he also loved lying to people about Jewish populations. In fact, he was such a fan of this type of rhetoric he massacred more than 6 million Jews less than a hundred years ago because of it … so, let’s not repeat history’s mistakes, fam?

Even though I’m merely a university-educated sociologist (human geographer, really), I don’t feel compelled to sign this letter. (RELATED: George Soros Defended Hamas In Horrendous 2007 Article)

My feelings mostly come from a place of understanding that no one is blaming the Palestinian people for trying to commit genocide against Israelis. We’re blaming the Hamas and Hezbollah, et al., terrorists who are trying to do it, while claiming their genocidal mindset is held by all Palestinians, which simply isn’t the case.