‘The View’ Co-Host Sara Haines Calls Elderly GOP Rep A ‘Little Nasty Woman’ For Hitting Back At Hostile Reporter

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-host Sara Haines called an elderly Republican congresswoman a “little nasty lady” Wednesday for telling a reporter questioning Speaker-designate Mike Johnson to “shut up.”

ABC News reporter Rachel Scott asked Johnson about previously voting against the certification of the 2020 presidential election results. As House Republicans scoffed at her, Republican North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx told Scott to “shut up” and then “go away” as she asked Johnson about supporting additional aid to Ukraine.

“Oh my God!…Virginia Foxx is a nasty little woman. I looked up there and I saw her say ‘shut up’ and I said, one, right away, the words of this [are] like another example—we can’t say shut up in my house,” Haines said.

“And by the way, the lack of decorum and it’s beneath the dignity of that office she holds,” co-host Sunny Hostin said.


Haines lamented Foxx for voting against aid for Hurricane Catrina, LGBTQ bills, the Clinton-era “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and abortion. The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy allowed gay people to serve in the military as long as they did not publicly disclose their sexuality. (RELATED: ‘Goes Out There And Lies’: Joy Behar Condemns Rashida Tlaib Over Her Refusal To Correct Her Claim About Gaza Hospital)

Co-host Joy Behar mocked her for serving as the chair of the House Education Committee.

Johnson became the 56th Speaker of the House Wednesday afternoon after surpassing the majority threshold by securing 220 votes. He assumed the leadership role after becoming the fourth nominee to be speaker since former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ousting in an Oct. 3 floor vote.

Republican Reps. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Tom Emmer of Minnesota held the nominations before Johnson without success of receiving the necessary votes.