‘Cancel UFC’: Fans Blast Dana White & Co. And Call For Boycott After ‘Disgusting’ Partnership With Bud Light

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America’s pissed and you better believe I’ve got my popcorn ready! It’s on!

So as I blogged about Tuesday, the UFC and Anheuser-Busch announced that Bud Light would be the official beer of the mixed martial arts promotion as part of a “nine-figure deal” that also happens to be Dana White & Co’s biggest sponsorship ever. In other words, it wasn’t hard for Dana and UFC to accept a bag from the anti-American beer giant.

But um … that big payday might end up coming at a massive cost: their audience.

The response was outright anger from Americans, with several blasting UFC and calling for a boycott against the company. Instead of helping the troubled beer brand move forward, the partnership actually seems to have added fuel to the Bud Light boycott that started way back in April. Needless to say, the United States hasn’t gotten over the Dylan Mulvaney nonsense, and who the hell wants to drink Bill Gates juice?

Just check out the pure thrashing:

I can’t say I blame UFC for taking an easy $100 million from Bud Light, but I also don’t blame conservatives for boycotting both brands because of this whole thing — like I said, who wants to be associated with Bill Gates and Dylan Mulvaney?

Luckily for me, I’m not much into UFC. Without storylines and drama to pull me in, there’s just not much there, which is why I prefer professional wrestling instead (that “fake” stuff is just so much better). The problem is that TKO owns both UFC and WWE, so me watching WWE indirectly helps UFC. Not that I was boycotting to begin with, but I can’t lie … I’m quite entertained by the people who want to “Bud Light” and “cancel” UFC.

I say give it a shot. I wanna see this, and those great Dana White press conference responses in the process. (RELATED: Idiot Jumps Off Disney World Bridge Into Restricted Lagoon And Is Lucky A Gator Didn’t Clamp Down On That Buffoonery)

Gold. Straight gold.