Dude Gets Kicked Out Of College Football Game For Being Dressed Like … Well You Have To See For Yourself

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Talk about a sign of the times…

A penis costume-wearing college football fan might be making the internet’s day, but it made for an unhappy night for security Wednesday during a game at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, as they kicked out the Halloweener in true Karen fashion.

“It is our understanding that stadium staff worked with CSC, the contracted security service, to give the individual the option to take the costume off or leave the stadium,” a spokesperson from Sam Houston State told HuffPost. “University officers did not interact with this person.”

In other words, my man stayed true to his penis costume … so great.

Here’s another shot of Penis Man:

Such a Karen move by security here.

The way I’m seeing it, let the COLLEGE kids have fun at a COLLEGE football game. Yeah, I get that kids were probably present (on a school night, why?) and ESPN was broadcasting the game (and this situation never made TV, FYI), but it’s not like Sam Houston State students can enjoy a winning team — they’re a winless 0-8 after last night for God’s sake.

So is it really a surprise that one of them chose to get kicked out while wearing a penis suit rather than stay and watch the game as a regular?

Let the kids have fun, man. It’s supposed to be a COLLEGE environment at a COLLEGE football game. (RELATED: Jaguars Or Steelers? Browns Or Seahawks? Bengals Or 49ers? Andrew Powell Makes His NFL Week 8 Picks)

It’s a penis costume … days before Halloween … nobody was actually being degenerate here … have a laugh … geez, people.