NFL Announces Miami Dolphins Will Be Focus Of ‘Hard Knocks’ In-Season Version And You Better Believe I’m Here For It

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I am so game for this! FINS UP!

The NFL announced Monday that HBO’s mega-popular “Hard Knocks” will be staying in the AFC East, shifting from the New York Jets (who were on the program during training camp) to the Miami Dolphins in their in-season version. The league also noted that more information about the first episode of the show — airing on HBO and MAX — will be coming soon.

At this point in the season, my Phins are 5-2 and contenders for a Super Bowl being led by an incredibly potent offense, providing plenty of popcorn content throughout the campaign, so it was only a matter of time before the NFL and HBO zoned in on us for “Hard Knocks.”

McDaniel says that he expects HBO’s filming to start after the Dolphins get back from Frankfurt, Germany, which comes this week as they take on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

And while many coaches aren’t fans of their teams being on “Hard Knocks” and just viewing it as a distraction, McDaniel is keeping it positive, saying “getting used to having weekly spotlight for this young team isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.”

I’m very well aware of the “Hard Knocks” curse, and I admit, I’m slightly worried about it when it comes to my Phins.

But with that being said, I can’t help but to be extraordinarily excited as a Miami Dolphins fan. I’m not used to my boys being 5-2 at this point in the season, I’m not used to the national media talking about us being Super Bowl contenders week in and week out, I’m not used to getting a spotlight like “Hard Knocks” … I can’t help but to enjoy the ride, man.

It’ll be nerve-racking, but it’ll be fun as hell too, and much better than what happened in 2012…

God, I don’t miss those days at all. (RELATED: This Is Pretty Bad: Miami Dolphins Get Screwed Over So Horrendously That It Makes You Think The NFL Is Outright Rigged)

And this is why I can’t help but to be ultimately excited for this “Hard Knocks” feature … GO PHINS!