Nurse Trapped In MRI Machine In Bizarre Accident, Needs Emergency Surgery To Remove Embedded Screws

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A nurse, Ainah Cervantes, was pinned between an MRI machine and a hospital bed due to the MRI machine’s high magnetic force in late February, KTVU reported.

Cervantes suffered “crushing injuries” and required surgery as a result of the accident, according to KTVU. The incident reportedly occurred while Cervantes was attending to a patient on a bed at a medical center in Redwood City operated by California-based Kaiser Permanente, per the outlet. The MRI machine’s magnetic force unexpectedly pulled the hospital bed toward it, reportedly causing the patient to fall from the bed and pinning Cervantes between the machine and the bed, per the outlet.

Cervantes described the terrifying experience to investigators, recalling, “I was getting pushed by the bed … If I didn’t run, the bed would smash me underneath.” Cervantes reportedly sustained a severe laceration which required surgery to remove embedded screws, according to the outlet.

Despite the incident occurring in February, the investigation was not completed until several months later, the outlet noted. The probe conducted by the California Department of Public Health revealed the medical center in Redwood City “failed to provide radiologic services in a safe manner,” per the outlet. Several lapses in safety were identified, including the absence of MRI personnel inside the room during the incident, no screening of individuals in the room and an open door, for which the safety alarm system did not sound, according to the outlet. (RELATED: MTV ‘The Challenges’ Star Theo Campbell Shares Freak Accident That Took Away His Sight In Right Eye)

The incident was determined to result from a breach of several of Kaiser’s MRI safety policies, per the outlet. Incident investigation records indicated that some employees had not received required safety training and the hospital had failed to annually test the door alarm as recommended, KTVU reported. The California Department of Public Health’s investigation stated that “the many safety failures created a culture of unsafe practices,” according to the outlet.

Kaiser Permanente is facing an $18,000 fine from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) for the alleged missteps and a workplace injury accident, per the outlet.