Somebody Made A Palestine Pride Flag, And It’s Literally Painful To Look At


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Julio Rosas, a Substack journalist, reported Saturday a unique LGBT-Palestinian hybrid flag appeared at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Brooklyn.

“Someone is waving a Palestine/LGBTQ+ pride combination flag at today’s pro-Palestine rally in Brooklyn,” Rosas noted and captured the flag on video.

This was not the only LGBT prop exhibited at the demonstration. “One sign says ‘Queers for a free Palestine’ at the march in Brooklyn,” Rosas reported.

This queer affection for Palestine is rather ironic given the Palestinian Authority and Hamas’s own attitudes toward homosexuality.

The 2005 revised constitution of Palestine observed in Article 4 that Islam is the official religion of Palestine and mandated the principles of Islamic law “shall be a principal source of legislation.” Islamic law has traditionally criminalized the practice of homosexuality, a 2021 United States Commission report observed.

According to Palestinian law, being gay carries with it either a maximum jail sentence of 10 years in the Fatah-controlled West Bank or the death penalty in Hamas-controlled Gaza, The Jerusalem Post reported in 2022. Even in the West Bank, gruesome extrajudicial fates have occurred like the decapitation of a 25-year-old gay man back in Oct. 2022, The Associated Press reported.

A Pew poll in 2013 found that only 4 percent of people in the Palestinian territories thought that homosexuality should be accepted by society.