‘Where The American Dream Implodes’: Greg Gutfeld Breaks Down How Freebies Are Turning US Into A ‘Third World Country’

Screenshot - Fox News / "The Five"

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Wednesday that “hard left” policies are turning America into “a third world country.”

“The Five” panelist tackled the hot-button issue of illegal immigration, arguing that the influx of migrants would strain the country’s ability to provide for its own citizens.

“We’re learning you can’t have everything — which is you can’t have open borders and a bottomless safety net, because ultimately, we become a third world country,” Gutfeld said. “And it’s not because of people coming here from the third world, it’s because all the money that is needed to take care of all of us will be spread so thin that it won’t exist. We will not have the basic services because we won’t be able to handle everybody.”

“This is where the American Dream implodes,” he continued. “Used to be that you came here, you worked hard to raise the family and you made your fortune … Now it’s come here and we give you the fortune — whether it’s free hotel, free food, free healthcare — at the expense of people who’ve worked here for decades, and worked hard for decades.”

“America is no longer the land of opportunity. It’s the land of free stuff, paid for by the people who can now not afford eggs and gas. That can’t last. Meanwhile, the hard left is creating a population that it loves,” Gutfeld added. “A dependent population … dependent on the government teat. So they won’t dare question that government when it increases the boil of its slow socialism.” (RELATED: Fed Continues Rate Pause Despite Big Third Quarter Growth)

An early October Gallup poll shows Republicans with a 14-point lead over Democrats on the question of which party Americans trust to handle the economy. An NBC poll released the same week shows the GOP with an 18-point advantage on immigration.