‘My Jaw Dropped’: CNN Anchor Shocked After Black Voter Tells Outlet About His Potential 2024 Vote

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Phil Mattingly on Friday said his “jaw dropped” after a black Milwaukee Democrat couldn’t say whether he would give his vote to President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

CNN’s John King went to Milwaukee to talk to dissatisfied black voters, asking Devonta Johnson, a canvasser for Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, if Biden could win reelection today.

“If you’re Joe Biden and you want to be reelected today, you’d have a big problem, right?”

“Yeah, he would, he’d have a big problem,” Johnson said.

“If it were just Biden and [former President Donald] Trump, who would you vote for?” King asked. (RELATED: CNN’s Senior Data Reporter Says Biden’s ‘Double-Digit Decline’ Amongst Voting Block Is Dangerous In 4 Key States)

“That’s just a tough one,” Johnson said, laughing.

“It’s just stunning — young man there, ‘I don’t know who I’m going to vote for,’ young black man in Milwaukee,” King said. He then told Mattingly that for a lot of voters, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ “visibility” will matter.

“My jaw literally dropped at the end of that piece when he didn’t say who he was going to —” Mattingly said.

“21-year-old young black man, in the activist community — doesn’t know. Because he sees — he looks at Washington, and says, ‘What are they doing that’s relevant to my life? Nothing,'” King said.

Several polls paint a grim picture for Biden among black voters, with a Fox News poll from October showing Biden leading 74% to 26% among black voters in a hypothetical matchup with Trump, down from his 90% lead in 2020. An Associated Press poll from May found black voters were slowly moving toward Trump. Biden remains the frontrunner in his party for the Democratic presidential nomination.