College Basketball Game Gets A Wild Delay After Bats Invade And Start Attacking Players

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Nevada kicked off their college basketball season Tuesday against Sacramento State, and though there’s nothing out of the ordinary about that, the game went completely out of whack when things got delayed in the second half because of a bat invasion — with a couple of players getting jabs from the flying mammals.

The bats started to invade with 5:40 left in the game, and to make it worse for the Hornets, they were in the middle of a 12-2 run when everything popped off. The game ended up being halted for several minutes.

And Sacramento State felt it too, with Nevada going on a 17-6 run after the delay was over and eventually winning the game, 77-63, for a rough loss with some rough circumstances for the Hornets.


Damn, man … where’s Manu Ginobili when you need him?

And this apparently isn’t the first time that bats have invaded Reno’s Lawlor Events Center either. Back in 2017, a load of bats conquered the arena, with the Nevada Department of Wildlife stating there could potentially be 30 bats living inside — and that was at the time. There’s no telling what it could be now.

And are we honestly surprised that this keeps happening in a place like Nevada? (RELATED: Oakland Basketball Coach Greg Kampe Shoots Outright Hilarious Zinger Towards Scandalous Michigan Football Program)

They call it the “Wild Wild West” for a reason — crazy stuff.