Oakland Basketball Coach Greg Kampe Shoots Outright Hilarious Zinger Towards Scandalous Michigan Football Program

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Head coach Jim Harbaugh and his University of Michigan football program continue to get blasted by the college football world (and the entire sports realm at that) due to outright wild sign-stealing and advanced scouting allegations that surround the Wolverines. And it’s all led by this shady-as-hell character named Connor Stalions.

Up until this point, Michigan hasn’t been hit with any punishment. However, a lot of people inside college football believe that it could come at any moment. With Stalions, he resigned from his post Nov. 3, but with the Wolverines themselves, they’ve so far avoided any clip towards them. And with the incredible amount of hype around the situation and no action being taken as of yet, it’s creating a load of golden popcorn content, especially with the jokes.

Insert Oakland University basketball head coach Greg Kampe. (RELATED: REPORT: Michigan Quietly Fired Staffer After Online Video Allegedly Shows Him Attempting To Solicit A 13-Year-Old)

To begin the 2023-24 campaign, Oakland faced off against Michigan rival Ohio State, with the Golden Grizzlies nearly getting the upset over the Buckeyes in a 79-73 defeat. Well, after the game, Kampe gave his take for why he thought his team managed to hang around OSU, saying that it was because they knew everything the Buckeyes were going to do … and with Michigan being accused of the same thing (scandalously) with their sign-stealing, coach couldn’t help himself.

“I think one of their frustrations was we knew everything they were going to do. Oh, I could make a comment right now being from Michigan, but I don’t think I will,” Kampe said in the postgame press conference before a burst of laughter from reporters.


ZING! Absolutely hilarious!