Two Armed Men Try To Allegedly Rob Group Of Gamblers And Get Instant Karma

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Shoutout to these guys!

Three men were gambling in Tacoma, Washington, one night when two armed men allegedly tried to rob them, according to the Daily Mail. However, it didn’t take long for the gunmen’s plans to go up in a blaze of glory. Security footage showed the group of gamblers going ham on the alleged loser criminals in a good ol’ fashioned beatdown.

While the men were allegedly attempting to rob the gamblers, one of the gamblers rushed across to one of the criminals and managed to wrestle away at least one of the attackers’ guns, which resulted in them fleeing away in a nearby car that was waiting for them.

A victim’s relative claimed two of the criminals involved have already been arrested, according to the Daily Mail.


It reminds you of that scene in “The Sopranos” when Jackie Jr. and the crew got jacked up in a botched robbery.

Spot on comparison by my editor there.

But this society, man … what happened to the good ol’ days when three Vietnamese men could gamble in peace without having guns in their face, talkin’ about “Where’s the loot? Where’s the loot?” (RELATED: Forklift Operator Holds Alleged Car Thief 20 Feet In The Air While Waiting For Police)

Just leave that ish to the Biggie song.

Go get a job, for God’s sake.