‘Cake Boss’ Baker Makes ‘Pampered’ Kids Clean Toilets To ‘Keep Them Grounded’


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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“Cake Boss” baker Buddy Valastro wants his children to earn respect through household cleaning before they partake in the family business.

The famous foodie makes his four kids clean toilets and scrub floors to “keep them grounded,” according to DailyMail.

“They do live a pampered lifestyle because of the way I live,” Valastro said. “But the thing is, how do you make them responsible? How do you keep them grounded?”

Valastro said that doing dirty chores allows his kids to “have a lot more respect for the person who does it every day,” according to the outlet. He noted that “the best respect is earned respect.”

“When people meet my kids, a lot of the times they’re like, ‘They’re so down to earth. They’re so good.’ And I take that as me and my wife doing our job in raising them,” Valastro said.

The beloved baker wants his children to participate in his business, saying that he is “excited to see the next generation take over.” However, Valastro respects his children’s personal decisions, stating that he never wants to “force” their involvement, the outlet reported. He wants them to bake “because they love it.” (RELATED: Five Women Repeatedly Clog Toilet Leading To Brawl At Chicken Wing Restaurant)

Valastro’s children helped with the business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The baker said, “It was really just me and my family keeping the online orders going,” DailyMail reported.

Valastro took over his business from his father at age 17, according to the outlet. Carlo Guastaffero founded the bakery in 1910 before his son and Valastro’s father, Buddy Sr., took it over in 1964.