‘This Is The Playbook For Victory In 2024’: Newsmax Host Says GOP ‘Red Pilled’ Blue City Into Turning Against Democrats

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Newsmax’s “Frontline” host Carl Higbie laid out Wednesday how he and his fellow Republicans were able to “red pill” his predominantly Democrat-voting home city into sweeping GOP wins.

Conservatives saw some pretty disappointing losses during Tuesday’s high-profile elections. But Higbie’s hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut, did not. “We won every Republican office on the ballot yesterday that we could,” Higbie told his audience Wednesday. “Why? Well, for starters, we showed up.”

Higbie said the voter turnout in Greenwich exceeded 50 percent of an off-year election, a 10 percent increase from the 2022 midterms turnout. The wave of Republicans turning up to vote was likely inspired by the efforts put about by the party in the lead up to the election, he added.

“Every Republican on the voter rolls in Greenwich got at least one phone call within the week leading up to the election. Not to mention all the text messages we sent them, too,” Higbie continued. “Lot of work, but that’s what Democrats have been doing. So we grabbed a page from their playbook.”

Republicans also beat out Democrats at mail-in and early ballots, which is basically unheard of in the city’s history, Higbie said. But again, this is what Democrats do, so Greenwich Republicans just did the same thing. And it worked. (RELATED: Newsmax Host Carl Higbie Absolutely Shreds Biden Admin Over Destruction Of Women’s Rights)

The third part of the process ensured any “campaign hit piece” put out against a Republican, every negative comment, was addressed publicly and put to bed. And then the Republicans flipped it back again, making sure every single inch of their Democratic opponent’s life was investigated to the fullest extent. “Another page out of the Democratic playbook,” Higbie said.

While some folks were apparently annoyed at the tactics employed in Greenwich, they were successful. “This is the playbook for victory in 2024,” Higbie concluded, asking Republicans to enact these processes on a national scale.