Video Shows Raging McDonald’s Drive-Thru Customer Throwing Hysterical Temper Tantrum

(Public/Screenshots/TikTok/User: viralbanger)

John Oyewale Contributor
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A video emerged on social media of a McDonald’s drive-through customer in northeastern Maryland throwing a tantrum because of an apparent delay in the service.

“You do this! You do this, dumb bitch,” the burly-looking figure shouted through a window, while apparently hurling some beverage in disposable cups at the out-of-the-frame employees, the TikTok video posted Monday showed. “Shut it down right now! … Give me some food!”

The incident occurred in White Marsh, Baltimore, per the video.

The incensed patron’s eyes fell on another potential target for his rage.

“Out with all this shit,” he screamed, yanking what appears to be a touch screen cash register off its perch on a rack, and then knocking the entire rack askew, while an employee gasped.

“Give me some fucking food. Don’t make me call racist cops on you!” he went on. He then apparently grabbed the rack and shook it violently till all its contents fell out.  (RELATED: Weirdest-Looking Person I’ve Seen In My Life Screams At McDonald’s Worker For Getting Order Wrong)

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“He’s coming now,” a flustered employee said. The irate man shook his head and had none of it. “Give me some fucking fries. Give me that bag of fries right there,” he shouted while pointing, and then shook the now-empty rack for effect. “Bitch! Grab me that bag of fries right there!”

An employee then handed him two paper bags of food. He went off on the employee whom he regarded as responsible for the delay, dubbing her a “stupid fucking whore” and apparently hurled a projectile toward the employees.

“Y’all ain’t taking over this country, white or black, fuck y’all!’ he said and slammed the window shut.

TMZ reportedly reached out to the Baltimore County Police Department about the incident but reportedly received no response.