‘USA! USA! USA!’: Crowd Erupts When Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson And Kid Rock Show Up Together At UFC Fight

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Donald Trump is such a boss!

The former president was an absolute superstar Saturday night when he showed up at UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden. His epic entourage included Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock and Donald Trump Jr. With Carlson in particular, this is happening in the middle of speculation he could potentially be Trump‘s pick for vice president in his 2024 campaign to return to the White House.

On top of all that, they were all gloriously escorted into the arena by Dana White, and in the process of all this, the crowd was going outright bonkers.

It was something you would see at a rock concert — it was incredible.


Absolutely magical … Donald Trump is totally gonna be the next president of the United States.

And just imagine a Tucker Carlson vice presidency — have mercy! You’re talking about potentially the greatest administration of all time if something like that happened. No … it would be THE greatest of all time. And then it would set up the Tuck man perfectly for a presidential run in 2028 — though I’m sure my wonderful governor Ron DeSantis might have something to say about it — let the best man win on that one.

Regardless, it’s victory for me either way with one of these legends being from Florida and the other being a resident. It’s also a victory for America because, come on, it’s either Tucker 2028 or DeSantis 2028! (RELATED: ‘Lower Than Milk’: SNL’s Trump Roasts GOP Primary Candidates’ ‘Very Low’ Chances)

All I know is that the Republican party has a BRIGHT future ahead of itself if these guys are running the show.

And it’s all being run by the glory of the Sunshine State! Queue the Vice City music!

USA! USA! USA! … with a hint of palm trees.