11-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed After Being Hit By Stray Bullets In Her Bedroom

(Screenshot/ABC 13 News)

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Lauren Reddick, 11, was paralyzed after reportedly being struck by stray bullets inside her bedroom in Kansas City, Missouri, KMBC-TV reported Thursday.

The shooting occurred in early November when Reddick was preparing for school. Gunfire reportedly erupted outside the girl’s home, with two bullets penetrating her bedroom, allegedly hitting her shoulder and grazing her spine, according to KMBC-TV.

Her grandmother, Stancie Reddick, revealed Lauren is now paralyzed from the waist down, per the outlet. Doctors are uncertain if the fourth grader, who used to enjoy dancing, will ever regain her ability to walk, per KMBC-TV.

“What she said to her mother and I is that she wanted her old body back,” the victim’s grandmother told KMBC-TV. “We’re just holding out hope that she will walk again, not only walk, run, and she will be active like she was before this incident.”

Police are currently leading the investigation but no suspects have been identified, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Man Arrested For Allegedly Shooting, Killing College Student Was Previously Released From Jail For Mental Incompetence: REPORT)

After spending over a week at CChildre’s Mercy Hospital, Lauren faces a lengthy recovery, with several more weeks of hospital care anticipated, per the outlet. Her family is seeking justice and accountability, the report says.

“You just cannot go through neighborhoods and just shoot and just expect that, you know, it’s OK. You’re putting other people in harm’s way. Why would you even do that?” Stancie Reddick told the outlet.

In support of Lauren’s recovery and the family’s desire to relocate to a safer home, friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign. Lauren’s mother is determined to find a new residence for her daughter and two younger children where they can feel secure, according to KMBC-TV.