I Lost So Many Brain Cells Watching This — As A Matter Of Fact, What The Hell Did I Just Watch?

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The ignorance is out of this world.

There’s currently a scandal surrounding a social media … star? … I prefer moron … named iShowSpeed for an incredibly dumb stunt dubbed the “coke and condom challenge.”

The streamer, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr., completely stunned viewers after putting a condom over his head and blowing it up like a balloon.

Then, ratcheting up the stupidity, he puts a Coca-Cola bottle full of Mentos inside the condom next to his head. The soda, of course, erupts into a geyser as this absolute dipstick tries to drink it before he literally drowns inside a condom full of Coke.

I’m losing so many brain cells writing this…

And of course, iShowSpeed … let’s just call him Darren … utterly failed at this “stunt” and seemed to barely escape with his life.


I say this all the time and I’ll say it again … the youth are just getting dumber and dumber.

And it’s not even about the money anymore, you can’t even compare this clown to the “Jackass” crew, at least they were in it to make bank. These kids today are doing some outright dumb shit strictly for the CLOUT! (RELATED: Ignoramus Of The Day: Teenager Goes Around Sucker-Punching People For — Wait For It — Social Media Clicks And Likes)

It’s like that story I wrote a few weeks ago about that teenager going around punching random people for likes and views.

The youth today is horrendous. Ew.