Video Shows 11-Year-Old Football Player Allegedly Shooting Teammates In Yet Another Continuation Of America’s Decline


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Just another day of America crumbling — sad.

An 11-year-old football player is facing one count of second-degree attempted murder after allegedly shooting two of his teammates during an argument. The Daily Caller reported on the matter Tuesday, with TMZ now releasing the video.

Things went down Monday evening outside of Northwest Recreation Complex in Apopka, Florida at 8:30 p.m. following the three boys’ Pop Warner football practice, with the 11-year-old and two 13-year-olds having an issue between the two sides.

In the video footage, a quick shot of the gun’s fire is seen going off with both teammates fleeing away from the scene.

Beforehand, the 11-year-old was seen running to a vehicle to grab the firearm, with one boy in particular being targeted. That boy was shot in the back, while the other 13-year-old was hit in the arm. Both injuries are considered “non-life-threatening.”


TMZ also released audio of a 911 call that was made by the mother of the teen who was shot in the back.

“Medical! My son got shot, miss! … My son! In his back!” the mother frantically screamed to a dispatcher.


This actually makes me more sad than anything.

Yeah, I could pooh-pooh all over these kids, and you guys know how much I’m not a fan of this particular age group (especially with teenagers, but pre-teens can be just as bad), but I’m always covering some idiot beating up this guy or another moron shooting somebody else. And it just makes you sad, man.

It makes you realize how much America is falling. Hell, you guys know, you read my blogs. (RELATED: 11-Year-Old Allegedly Shoots Two Teens Following Altercation At Florida Football Practice)

Just pray. And God bless America — literally.