‘Like A Prison Conjugal Visit’: Fans Blast Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker For Raunchy Maternity Shoot

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Fans slammed Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s recent maternity shoot images, saying they were too raunchy and grope-y.

The reality television star shared a carousel of images to her Instagram page Tuesday and posted a sweet caption in honor of her husband — but fans were simply not having it. She appeared greasy and low-key, and both Kardashian and Barker were topless and gropey throughout the photos. Fans laced into Kardashian, telling her she screwed up the wholesome maternity shoot vibes by portraying photos that look “like a prison conjugal visit.”

Kardashian shared seven photographs to social media, none of which were a hit with her fanbase.

She wore a very thin white tank top with a bra underneath and a pair of jeans. Barker opted to go shirtless, wearing only his boxers and jeans for the photoshoot.

The first image featured Barker leaning in for a kiss from Kardashian, who was also topless, with her bare back facing the camera. Barker had his hands shoved down her pants, planted firmly on her ass.

The heavily tattooed rocker stood behind Kardashian in the next image, with his hands on her pregnant belly as she stood with her pants unzipped.

The next photo was similar, only this time, Barker’s hands slipped under Kardashian’s tank top and landed on her breasts.

The fourth image got raunchy again: Barker grabbed a hold of both of Kardashian’s breasts from behind, as she struck a sultry pose for the camera with her pregnant belly facing forward.

The endless groping of breasts and ass didn’t give off family vibes. Fans weren’t feeling it, and they didn’t hold back when expressing their feelings in the comments section of Kardashian’s post.

“These are the weirdest maternity pictures I have ever seen lol,” one Instagram user wrote. (RELATED: Madisyn Shipman Gets Raunchy Fetish Requests Due To New Playboy Job)

“They look like a meth couple who’s having a baby in 2005,” another said.

Other comments from fans included, “These look like ghetto prison pics,” and “Weird to sexualize maternity pictures but ok.”