Israeli Farmer Tells Harrowing Tale Of How He Saved 120 People From Hamas

(Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Oz Davidian, an Israeli farmer, recounted Wednesday to Channel 13 the harrowing tale of how he managed to save 120 people from Hamas’ Oct. 7 rampage.

Dashcam footage from the farmer’s truck captured moments of his 20 odd trips to the Re’im music festival, where he tried to save people, Times of Israel reported. The farmer, who lives in a nearby town, reportedly took a different route for each trip he made to avoid Hamas terrorists. (RELATED: Doctor Describes ‘Carnage’ At Music Festival Attacked By Hamas)

Yossi Eli, an investigative reporter for Channel 13, published segments of the dashcam footage to Twitter.

In the dashcam footage, Davidian can be heard saying, “There are bodies everywhere,” while he drives his truck. The footage shows Davidian speeding past wrecked vehicles on the road while shots are being fired.

Davidian recounted to Channel 13 seeing two people next to the body of a soldier and mistaking them for paramedics and fellow soldiers. Davidian asked one of them in Arabic what was going on, and then it dawned on him they might be Hamas terrorists, the outlet noted.

“Then suddenly, I understood that he was a terrorist, and he understood that I was a Jew,” Davidian said, per the Times of Israel.

Davidian then stepped on the gas, and shots were fired at him. Miraculously, no bullets hit his car, the outlet reported. The farmer also reportedly saw RPGs being fired and at least one Hamas terrorist committing rape.

The farmer managed to rescue a reserve army officer, and the officer had the locations of other people who were hiding, Times of Israel noted. Hamas murdered at least 260 people at the Re’im music festival.