Doctor Describes ‘Carnage’ At Music Festival Attacked By Hamas

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An on-call doctor spoke to NBC News on Monday about what he experienced at the Supernova Music Festival in Israel during the attack by terror group Hamas.

Dr. Stuart Gensler was on-call when Hamas started to systematically massacre festival goers in Israel on Saturday. He told NBC he was at home with his children at the time the air raid sirens started, before he received a call from a healthcare organization where he volunteers. They were looking for medical professionals to consult with hostages trapped by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He first spoke to a family trapped in their home.

“The father had his hands and legs blown off,” Gensler told the outlet, apologizing for the graphic description. “I was able to hear rapid gunfire behind them, and they were trying to say that he was losing consciousness,” he continued.

There were no resources available to help evacuate the man and his family. (RELATED: Incredible And Heartbreaking Survival Stories Emerge From Terrorist Attack On Israel)

Gensler was then sent to the border to help on-site, but he was not prepared for what was waiting for him.

“Literally carnage, and people laying all around, murdered and executed,” he told the outlet. “It was something that was very, very hard to see. To see the lack of humanity, and the lack of caring for other human beings.”

He described piles of executed civilians lying along the side of the road.

“I’ve never seen such a disdain for humanity,” he said of Hamas. (RELATED: Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Publicly Fired Over Horrific Hamas Comments)

Gensler also had a relative at the Supernova Music Festival who managed to escape. She described how motorized paragliders entered the festival, opening fire on the crowd, laughing as they committed mass murder. His relative was able to run for miles until she found Israeli soldiers, but many of her friends were not as lucky.