Man Gets Indecent Exposure Charge For Taking Gas Station’s Name Too Literally

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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An Iowa man was arrested Thursday for masturbating at an Iowa City Kum & Go gas station.

The incident occurred a little after midnight in mid-March, though the suspect, 54-year-old Kenneth Kelly, was only recently arrested, according to 1630 KCJJ. At the time of the incident, Kelly made sexual comments to multiple customers at the Kum & Go convenience store in addition to pleasuring himself in front of them, the outlet reported.

Video surveillance footage from the store reportedly captured Kelly engaging in onanism. (RELATED: Civil War-Era Letter Shows Confederate Lieutenant Lamenting His Brother’s Condition Of ‘Chronic Masturbation’)

A local police officer then “canvassed the area” with images of Kelly, prompting multiple people at nearby businesses and residences to identify the masturbator, KCJJ reported. Witnesses from the March incident also picked Kelly out of a photo lineup, the outlet noted, enabling police to obtain a search warrant.

As soon as the officer approached and accosted Kelly at his apartment, the man confirmed that he owned clothes resembling those seen in the surveillance video but did not admit to pleasuring himself in the Kum & Go, per KCJJ.

Officers then placed Kelly under arrest, at which point he claimed that he had been itching his genitals, not spanking the proverbial monkey, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Brazilian University Expels Six Students Over Public Group Masturbation Video: REPORT)

Kelly has been charged with indecent exposure and could serve up to a year in jail if convicted, the outlet reported.

Kum & Go was founded in 1959 and operates over 390 locations across 13 states, according to the company website.