‘You Failed’: Megyn Kelly Slams The Parents Of TikTokers Who Have Been Praising Osama Bin Laden Online

Screenshot/The Megyn Kelly Show/Youtube

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly called out the “brainwashed” participants of the viral Titkok trend praising Osama Bin Laden’s 2002 letter, stating that their parents have “failed” them as well as America. 

Kelly opened her Sirius XM show “The Megyn Kelly Show” addressing a recent story that broke on Wednesday regarding a discovery of Tiktok users circulating and praising Osama Bin Laden’s letter to America justifying the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The conservative commentator emphasized on the “horror” coming from the social media trend, calling the posters “weak” and “pathetic souls,” before showing clips of what had been trending on the platform. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Says Newsom ‘Doesn’t Give Two Sh*ts’ About California Children After Cleanup For Xi)

“It’s just too much for me. I don’t – anyone who lived through 9/11 is recoiling in horror at what these young people are saying. They’ve been indoctrinated. Their minds have been twisted. They’ve been brainwashed. They’re weak. They’re weak, pathetic souls, and I just posted on Twitter a minute ago. To their parents. You failed. You failed them. You failed us,” Kelly stated.

“Just a note to those morons. Three thousand Americans died on 9/11. Four planes were hijacked thanks to Bin Laden and his evil plan. Children as young as two and a half were murdered onboard the aircraft that took the lives of innocents who just went to work that day. And remember this man, all right? Let’s talk about Kevin Cosgrove to all of you assholes…since you don’t look at history. I’m bringing it to you.”

Tiktok users, however, gave positive reactions to Bin Laden’s letter, posting #LetterToAmerica as a trend urging users to read the letter regarding the terrorists’ views on Israel and the U.S.(RELATED: ‘You Don’t Like America? Get Out!’: Megyn Kelly Rails Against Pro-Palestine Activists) 

Kelly proceeded to display a video of Kevin Cosgrove’s, a victim of the 9/11, recorded 911 call throughout the burning and fall of the World Trade Center. Cosgrove could be heard pleading for help describing the smoke inside the building, until it had fallen.

“Kevin died that day along with 2,977 other Americans. And we have so lost the youth of this country…Because there’s been a mind meld on college campuses, that has corrupted and infected and toxified an entire generation,” Kelly stated. 

“And now your kids and my kids are going to have to deal with these cretins who hate America because we made them. Because their parents failed them. Their educators failed them. Corporate America continues to fail them. The media continues to fail them. And it’s the fight for our lives.If you don’t think this is coming to a school near you, or a community near you, you haven’t been paying attention,” Kelly stated.

Since the trend went viral social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok have cracked down on users pushing the letter. While Instagram hid the hashtag #LetterToAmerica, Tiktok removed the content and hashtag, stating that it breaches their rules on supporting terrorism.