61-Year-Old Veteran Police Officer Joins OnlyFans

(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for OnlyFans)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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A 61-year-old former Canadian law enforcement officer has transitioned to a successful career as a bikini model and OnlyFans creator, earning nearly $2,000 a week.

Bianca Jag served as a police officer for 17 years and left her job in 2012 as she was seeking a change from a career that no longer fulfilled her, Daily Star reported Monday. “I was very good at my job as a cop,” Jag told Daily Star. “I also did investigational work, but after 17 years as an officer I left because it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I was not happy and needed a change in my life.”

Jag, who is also a social media influencer, initially tried her hand at running a restaurant before venturing into webcam modeling. Her decision to change careers came after her restaurant closed, coinciding with her participation in a bodybuilding competition. This shift led her to explore webcam modeling, where she has since doubled her weekly income from $800 to an average of $1,600, per Daily Star.

“I started working as a webcam girl to get back on my feet financially after my restaurant closed down,” Jag recounted. “At the time, I was in a competition as a bodybuilder and knew someone who had a website to show off muscles so I figured I would try it.” (RELATED: Former NBA Player Leaves Wife Who Started OnlyFans Account Without His Approval)

Jag has since garnered a significant online following since she joined OnlyFans, amassing over 120,000 followers on Instagram and achieving more than 1 million views on her posts. She credits her success on OnlyFans to her appearance, which she maintains through various cosmetic procedures. Jag has invested in breast implants and regular eyelid treatments, along with Botox every three months, to maintain a youthful and slender physique, according to the Daily Star.

“I get a lot of compliments on webcam about my looks which is very flattering and people often tell me I don’t look my age,” she added, per Daily Star.