Crazy Brawl Erupts Between US Marines And Civilians

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — TX StreetFights 2]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Outright wild!

A crazy brawl erupted between U.S. Marines and civilians at an entertainment district in Austin, Texas, and it was all caught on video filled with witnesses and police officers in cool-looking cowboy hats.

Taking place Sunday, the clip put a spotlight on a fight breaking out following a woman seemingly grabbing a Marine’s phone and then throwing it during an altercation that originally started out verbally.

One man wearing a white hoodie made a lunge at a Marine prior to being stopped by other members donning their uniforms, according to the video.

Multiple Marines and civilians chirped at each other for a few moments, with some pushing being featured, which then led to a first punch being thrown by the “gentleman” in the white hoodie.

And things escalated from there…


How on earth are you gonna fight a Marine? How are you gonna fight a military member, period? Hell, let’s raise the question even further: How are you gonna brawl it out with a GROUP of MARINES?!

Not only is it one of the most disrespectful things that I’ve ever seen — like, what did you do to piss them off that bad where they felt the need to fight you? — but quite frankly, those civilians are lucky they didn’t get their tails handed to them. (RELATED: Off-Field Brawl Pops Off Between New York Jets, Buffalo Bills While Heading Back To Locker Rooms)

But the disrespect though … I honestly can’t get over that.

This whole video just reminds you of how blatantly disrespectful people have gotten. It’s sickening.