Scarborough Says You Have To Worry About This President’s Age

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Monday he is worried about former President Donald Trump’s age and mental acuity.

President Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday, making him the oldest president to serve. Scarborough, however, set his sights on Trump, arguing the former president’s age is of concern.

“If you heard him this weekend, my gosh, I mean, it’s not getting better. He thinks he’s running against Barack Obama. He gets confused and rattled. You know, he talks about how Joe Biden can lead us into World War II. Very dazed and confused up there sometimes. And, man, I’m worried about his age. I know you are, too. I mean, you have to be worried about his age and the fact that he’s running against a president he thinks hasn’t run for office in over a decade,” Scarborough said.

“Yeah last time Barack Obama was on the ballot was 2012, of course and I checked the history books, World War II happened, and we won. So good news there,” co-host Jonathan Lemiere said.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski jumped in, arguing a decade can be added to Trump’s age for every indictment “due to stress.”

“People in Trump’s world who acknowledge freely, but privately, that Trump is feeling the pressure of all of these indictments. How can we blame him? There are four indictments and 91 counts, so that’s fairly understandable and that’s not even counting the New York civil case which threatens his fortune. And we have certainly seen his behavior grow more erratic of late. Finally, some of his Republican rivals have highlighted it. Governor DeSantis, in particular. But yes, at least to this point, polling shows, and maybe this will change, but at least at this moment in time, at this moment in time, voters don’t seem as concerned about Trump’s age as Biden’s.”

“Well, they will when he is actually is out on the campaign trail,” Scarborough argued. (RELATED: ‘Little Bit Of Wisdom’: Biden Defends His Age Amid Concern From Majority Of Americans)

Lemiere argued that “most voters” haven’t listened to Trump in “a long time” but when they do they’ll see his cognitive issues.

“He’s got to be very, very nervous and upset because, at his advanced age, you have 91 counts against you,” Scarborough said, adding that any of his indictments could be a “life sentence” given his age.

An Associated Press/NORC poll found that 77% of Americans believe Biden is too old to govern effectively, with 69% of Democrats sharing that concern. Of those concerned about his age, 85% do not want to see him run for president again.