Home Of Jewish Official Rahm Emanuel Vandalized, ‘Nazis’ Painted On Fence: REPORT

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Michigan vacation home of Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, currently the United States ambassador to Japan and former Mayor of Chicago, was vandalized Friday with the word “Nazis” spray painted on the fence.

Emanuel, who is Jewish, was not at home when the incident occurred, the Chicago Sun Times reported. (RELATED: Ahead Of Holiday, Senate Confirms Dozens Of Biden Nominees)

“Our family is very proud of how our friends, neighbors and the community have rallied to our support and in a singular voice in condemning hatred and bigotry,” Emanuel told the outlet. He also praised law enforcement’s response to the disturbing incident. The graffiti has since been removed, the Chicago Sun Times noted. No other damage or defacement of Emanuel’s property was reported.

Emanuel was previously the twice-elected mayor of the city of Chicago and presided over the city during the 2014 controversial police shooting of Laquan McDonald. His backing of the police earned him the ire of the progressive wing of the Democratic party. New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called President Joe Biden’s Senate nomination of him “deeply shameful.”

That same progressive wing of the party is now engaged in staunch opposition to Israel’s military operation in Gaza, with some critics calling far-left demonstrations “antisemitic.”

Prior to both his ambassadorship and his mayorship, Emanuel served as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff. He was reportedly told last month by Biden’s National Security Council to stop making comments on social media that were critical of China.