65-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up In Tijuana Hospital With Unwanted Breast Implants, Butt Lift


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A 65-year-old American woman was left with a $75,000 bill at a Mexico hospital after she received breast implants and a butt lift she says she never consented to, News Nation reported.

Kimberly McCormick was initially seeking excess skin removal and a breast lift after losing 150 pounds, so she returned to the clinic known for its affordable procedures, according to News Nation. Six years earlier, she successfully had surgery at the same facility. After she woke up, however, Kimberly was horrified to discover she had received breast implants and a Brazilian butt lift.

“I called my daughter bawling, because I woke up with a huge breast, which if I live to be 500, I never would have wanted,” she told News Nation.

The procedure is estimated to cost about $13,000 in Mexico, compared to over $50,000 in the U.S., the outlet noted. The botched surgeries could cost her $75,000 to rectify. The family has started a GoFundMe, according to News Nation (RELATED: ‘Snapchat Surgeon’ Has Medical License Suspended After Botched ‘Feminization’ Surgery Leaves Patient Blind: REPORT)

Kimberly experienced a partial lung collapse and other physical symptoms like blue lips and fingertips, the outlet noted. Her daughter claims she was assaulted after she tried to intervene, News Nation reported.

“I was manhandled, beaten with machine guns, kicked in my ribs, kicked between my legs, thrown out of the hospital physically,” Kimberly’s daughter, Misty Ann McCormick, told the outlet. “I have a giant wound on the back of my head from getting hit with the butt of the machine gun.”