‘She’s Possessed’: Woman Melts Down On Plane While Another Prompts Passengers To Come To Jesus Christ

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Talk about a literal “flight from hell.”

A Frontier Airlines plane headed from Houston to Denver was forced to stop in Dallas as a passenger caused outright chaos, crying and screaming like she was straight out of the next “Exorcist” sequel.

It’s not exactly clear what was wrong with the woman, but footage puts a spotlight on the woman wailing and arguing with the crew and other passengers as she attempted to get back to her seat. (RELATED: ‘Get The F*ck Off Me! I Am Being Human Trafficked!’: Woman Goes On Wild Tirade During Flight)

As you’ll see in the video, the woman literally starts climbing over the seats and crawling through the cabin while hyperventilating and sobbing. And while all of that buffoonery was going on, another woman throws herself into the situation and tells passengers that “she’s possessed.”

And things just escalated from there.


My little sister’s first experience flying by her self on Frontier
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Do I believe in demonic possession?


Do I believe this woman was possessed?

Possibly, especially when you consider how she climbed over those seats. It definitely gives you that “Exorcist” vibe.

At the same time, this woman could have just been a simple crackpot. There’s a ton of crazy people out here, and I don’t put it past anybody to have at least a little wackiness in them. But like I said … it could just as easily be a possession.

Either way, I couldn’t look away.