Video Shows Woman Pulling Pants Down And Squatting Mid-Flight, Threatening To Pee In Aisle

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — New York Post]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Crazy stuff keeps happening on planes, and there’s no end in sight.

Passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight were absolutely livid when one of their co-passengers decided to pull down her pants, according to video. And yes, in front of EVERYBODY, including children.

The woman — whose name is not known — yelled out to the passengers, “Sorry, everybody” prior to seemingly pulling down her pants and then proceeding to squat in the middle of the aisle. The flight was headed from Florida to Philadelphia, according to video posted to Facebook by fellow traveler Julie Voshell Hartman, per the New York Post.

After being told by a flight attendant that she wouldn’t be able to use the plane bathroom at that particular time, the woman then attempted to relieve herself in front of everyone, according to the clip.

And things got ugly from there, with other passengers hounding her for attempting to urinate in the aisle.


I say it all the time, and I’ll say it again … I swear people have lost their everloving minds.

Either that, or people are just getting really ballsy these days, just totally cracked out. I blame Big Pharma, chemicals in our food and other nonsense for that, but that’s another story for another day.

But this is what all of that crap is giving us: a woman trying to pee right in the middle of everybody during a flight, and then on top of that, getting offended when other people aren’t willing to a) see her pee or b) sit on a plane for an extended period of time while said pee sloshed around in a big metal tube. (RELATED: ‘She’s Possessed’: Woman Melts Down On Plane While Another Prompts Passengers To Come To Jesus Christ)

People have lost it, people have utterly lost it.