‘What The F*ck? Is That Real?’: Flight Crew Blasted After Climbing Plane To Snap ‘Life-Threatening’ Pictures


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Viral footage of Swiss International Airlines crew members dancing on the wing of a plane is making the rounds on social media, prompting the company to denounce the stunt, according to videos shared online.

The video depicts a female crew member doing her best catwalk on the right wing of a Boeing 777 before beckoning a male crew member to join her, which he does right before striking a series of muscle man poses.

“This behavior will not be tolerated,” the airline said in a statement, according to the New York Post.

“What looks like fun in the video is life-threatening,” Swiss International Airlines’ spokesperson Michael Pelzer emphasized, according to the Post. Pelzer criticized the crew saying the only time it is acceptable to be on the wing is during an emergency.

Other company staff, including higher-ups, also reportedly expressed disapproval. “I thought, ‘What the f – – k? Is that real?'” one unnamed crew member reportedly expressed, according to the Post.

The company’s Vice President Martin Knuchel said he was “angry and disappointed,” per the Post. Knuchel also said an internal investigation is underway and that disciplinary action will follow, Breaking Aviation News reported. (RELATED: ‘I’m Getting The F*ck Off’: Woman Apparently Hallucinating Freaks Out Over Imaginary Airplane Passenger)

The unnamed crew member, who is described only as a 33-year-old colleague, also indicated that one of the crew members participating was a crew chief, identifiable by his uniform stripes, the Post added. The plane’s other crew chief said he was “ashamed” of his crew, adding “If that had happened to me on the ground in Zurich, I would have sent these people straight home.”