Police Arrest Nursing Home Employee After 82-Year-Old Froze To Death During Blizzard


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Police have arrested a nursing home employee after an 82-year-old woman died of hypothermia after walking outside during a blizzard.

Colleen Kelly O’Connor of East Lansing, Michigan, was charged with second-degree vulnerable adult abuse over the incident, according to a press release from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Lois Kathryn Cary, the victim, allegedly became disoriented in the snow while walking her dog. (REPORT: Report: Murder Rate Spikes In 20 Major American Cities)

O’Connor twice observed the victim walking outside without appropriate clothing to shield herself from the arctic temperatures and intense windchill in December of 2022, according to the press release. Cary resided at Vista Springs Imperial Park. Prosecutors allege that O’Connor “recklessly failed to act to prevent.”

“Caregivers have a responsibility under the law to act in the face of grave danger to a vulnerable person in their care,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in statement, “I want to thank the Bath Township Police Department for their partnership during the investigation of this tragic case.”

A snowplow found the victim covered in snow early in the morning around 7 a.m. according to the Lansing State Journal, citing police reports. Cary died of hypothermia shortly after arriving to the hospital.

O’Connor’s attorney Michael Oakes reportedly said she will “aggressively” work to beat the charges, arguing that she did not partake in elderly abuse during her employment at the nursing home.

“She worked for that company for years without incident prior to this lady walking out of this facility, and she continued working there for almost a year after that,” he said, “At no point was she ever listed as being a danger to her patients. She had been caring for individuals for the last 35 years with no complaint ever having been made against her.”

Authorities arraigned O’Connor on Monday and gave her a $5,000 bail, per the outlet. She has a probable cause hearing scheduled for Nov. 30.