‘Jingle Smells’: Fox News Host Produces Christmas Comedy Film


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Fox News host Sean Hannity’s Christmas comedy film “Jingle Smells” has been released one day early before Thanksgiving.

Hannity produced the feature film “Jingle Smells” alongside executive producer John Schneider, according to WGN. The anchor announced his holiday movie’s early release on Rumble in an episode of “The Sean Hannity Show,” attributing the decision to audience demand.

“We’re breaking away from mainstream Hollywood and doing something totally different,” Hannity said. “Jingle Smells is a hilarious and heartwarming story filled with a great message and void of all the crazy agendas being presented by those other entertainment platforms. Jingle Smells is a movie that your entire family can enjoy together this Christmas season.”

The family-friendly film stars actors John Schneider, Eric Roberts and Ben Davies, the outlet reported. Other familiar faces like Jim Breuer, Victoria Jackson, Dylan Postl, Brad Stine, James Storm, Jaclyn Stapp and Sean Hannity made appearances. The Jay Sekulow Band appeared as well, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Hukabee’s voice was featured.

The plot revolves around war veteran Nick Gutman, played by Davies, who takes a job with his garbageman father, played by Schneider, and his quirky co-workers, according to the outlet. The garbage gang got hired on a “secret mission” to destroy Christmas toys portraying a film star, played by Storm, who was “canceled” for his patriotic views. Taking on the “Jingle Smells” alias, Nick becomes “the Robin Hood of the Holidays.” (RELATED: ‘Not Everything Has To Be Connected To Politics’: Hannity, Stephen A. Smith Praise Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Romance)

“It’s not often that someone comes up with a whole new angle on a Christmas movie, Jingle Smells is exactly that. A breath of cool, fresh air,” John Schneider said.

“Jingle Smells” is the first non-documentary film to debut on Rumble, the outlet reported. The movie was made by ACLJ Films in association with Laugh-O-Gram Studios, Logan Sekulow Originals and Keystone Films. Daniel Lukas directed the film written by Bart Scott and Logan Sekulow.