‘Not Everything Has To Be Connected To Politics’: Hannity, Stephen A. Smith Praise Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Romance


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ESPN host Stephen A. Smith praised Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s apparent romance on Monday’s episode of “Hannity.”

Host Sean Hannity expressed confusion at the backlash against the relationship, wondering why people can’t “just wish other people well?” He lamented that Swift has drawn hate over her liberal political beliefs and argued that in a free society people are entitled to different views. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Trump Weighs In On Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Relationship)

“She’s phenomenal,” Smith said. The ESPN host shared that he attended a Taylor Swift concert with his daughters and came away impressed with the musician’s abilities.

“It’s worth every penny and then some,” Smith added in regard to Swift’s Eras Tour concerts.

Smith stated that people outraged at the duo’s burgeoning relationship are simply just miserable and seeking to bring others down.

“Not everything has to be connected to politics,” Hannity said.

Swift was in attendance of Kelce’s week 3 game against the Chicago Bears, cheering him on from his suite as Kansas City romped the Bears 41-10. The relationship has caught the imagination of the country, and has drawn a new demographic to the NFL. However, the pair have come under scrutiny by conservatives over Swift’s liberal politics and Kelce’s endorsements of the COVID-19 vaccine and Bud Light.