Study Suggests Libs Aren’t Actually As Worried About Climate Change As They Claim To Be

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published in November found even though lib women won’t shut up about climate change, they’re the biggest hypocrites about it.

“To the extent that climate-change worry predicts fertility attitudes and behaviours, it may work more as a rationalization for having kids later in life than as motivating actually having fewer children,” demographer and Cardus Senior Fellow Lyman Stone said of a detailed report into whether climate change actually stops women from having more children than they want.

It turns out even those women who cite climate change as a reason for having fewer children actually end up having children at about the same rate as those who don’t, according to Stone’s study. And all women actually want more children than they end up having, revealing an increasingly heartbreaking truth for the female gender across the developing world.

Stone’s research essentially proved women who say they care about climate change actually don’t as much as they say they do.

Climate-change concern is part of a larger set of cultural or political beliefs—associated with various worries and anxieties—and these broader beliefs are a stronger predictor of fertility outcomes,” Stone continued. (RELATED: Stunning New Discovery Is Going To Make Progressives Hate Science, And Should Terrify Conservatives)

Stone called upon political leaders in Canada (where the report was developed) to think about reducing their concerns with climate change, and become far more concerned about why women try rationalizing low fertility.