Famous Musician And Ex-Wife Entangled In Legal Dispute Over Mansion Being Rented Out For $600,000 A Month

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous musician Kenny G and his ex-wife Balynda Benson are entangled in a legal battle over a Malibu mansion the musician is reportedly renting out for $600,000 per month.

The dispute began when Kenny G requested to stop paying Benson her $40,000 a month spousal support payment, citing that he is no longer touring and his income has dramatically decreased, according to People. She clapped back by alleging he was raking in $600,000 a month in rental income alone. A judge ruled in Benson’s favor in April of 2023,  and she’s now demanding to see all supporting documents involving the lucrative property.


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Kenny G requested to stop giving spousal support to Benson in 2021. He continues to battle his ex-wife in court with the help of celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser. Wasser was the driving force behind Kevin Costner’s bitter divorce battle in 2023.

The famous musician’s court documents noted that his income is greatly diminished at this time, but that didn’t seem to have any bearing on the outcome of the court, according to People.

Benson made numerous requests demanding all documentation in relation to the rental property, including emails and the lease agreement. She alleged the Mailbu mansion called “Grayfox” was rented by “an entity affiliated” with billionaire Jeff Bezos. Kenny G continued to pushback on producing the requested paperwork, citing privacy concerns.


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In addition to seeking financial transparency, Benson accused Kenny G of violating the terms of their divorce agreement by not selling the house. She claimed she is entitled to earn her portion of profits from the sale of the luxury residence, and is upset that the musician continues to maintain the property as a source of income that she cannot access.

A portion of Benson’s filing reads, “[i]n the event the Grayfox Property is ultimately sold for more than $40,000,000, [Benson] shall receive 25% of any net profit defined as any sums remaining over and above $40,000,000,” according to People. (RELATED: Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Says Luxury Lifestyle Is In Kids’ ‘DNA’ While Arguing For Increased Child Support)

Kenny’s attorneys responded Nov. 27 arguing that “there is no order… for Kenny to sell the Grayfox Property” in their divorce agreement, and Benson’s potential payout only comes into play if he chooses to sell it.”

Benson and Kenny G married in 1992, and divorced in 2012. They share two adult sons.