CIA’s ‘Secret UFO’ Retrieval Operations Aren’t New News — You’re Just Being Fed The Same Stories From A New Source


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published Tuesday detailed how multiple sources claim the CIA has retrieved crashed UFOs from at least nine different sites.

Multiple sources told the Daily Mail that a secret CIA office has been working tirelessly for decades in coordinated retrievals of crashed UFOs. “There’s at least nine vehicles. There were different circumstances for different ones. It has to do with the physical condition they’re in. If it crashes, there’s a lot of damage done. Others, two of them, are completely intact,” one source explained, but it’s not even like this is new news.

Stories about UFO crash cover-ups, coordinated retrievals of smashed and intact crafts, bodies, and more are a normal part of ufology lore, so why are these so-called whistleblowers speaking as if this is new information when it’s not? The answer for that is always my favorite: it’s a psyop.

The U.S. military and government agencies are more focused on literally driving people insane than ever revealing the truth about UFOs or alien life on our planet. Don’t believe me? Check out this horrifying story of Paul Bennewitz, and how known members of the modern UFO community destroyed his life with their UFO lies.

I’d bet most of the stories you’re hearing from “sources” and “whistleblowers” are just part of a macro coordinated disinformation and distraction effort by the CIA, Pentagon or whatever other agencies we’re paying our tax dollars to do this to us. (RELATED: Country Scrambles Military Jets After UFO Seen Hovering Over Airport ‘Disappears’)

As we heard from Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson and Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett: these agencies have no reason to release UFO information to the American public, despite us being the ones who paid for their efforts. So why, oh why, would you ever take five minutes out of your life to listen to people who make claims without bringing the receipts? *cough* David Grusch *cough*