Video Shows Assault Suspect Shooting Officer In The Groin During Scuffle


John Oyewale Contributor
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An assault suspect shot a police officer in the groin during a scuffle in New York City, a police bodycam video released Thursday showed.

The suspect shoved New York City Police Department (NYPD) Officer Brett Boller while disembarking from a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus in Queens on Apr. 5, the video showed. The suspect then broke into a run as a passenger on the bus could be heard screaming, “Get him!” The suspect allegedly had been involved in a fight on the bus, prompting the driver to call the police for help, according to the video.

Boller and another NYPD officer, Anthony Rock, gave chase, weaving through vehicular traffic, the video showed. Officer Rock could be heard radioing directions to other officers. Officer Boller caught up with the suspect and a scuffle ensued. As Officer Rock approached, the suspect fired once, hitting Boller in the right groin, according to the video. Groans could be heard possibly from Officer Rock as the suspect fired his gun. The suspect then pointed his gun at Officer Rock before fleeing, per the video. Officer Rock drew his firearm and fired twice in the direction of the suspect, the video showed.

Officer Boller reportedly was transported to a hospital for treatment. (RELATED: Manhunt Underway As Son Of Police Chief Allegedly Shoots Two Officers During Stolen Vehicle Investigation)

The suspect, Devin Spraggins, 22, was eventually arrested without incident and faces multiple charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, the video noted.

The NYPD Force Investigation Division and the prosecutor involved in the case are investigating the shootings, NYPD spokesperson Carlos Nieves said.