UFO Knowledge Is Being Covered Up By Big Government, Congressman, Author Tell Chuck Todd


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett and author Garrett Graff told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday that the government is absolutely hiding the truth about UFOs from the American public.

Sunday’s episode of “Meet The Press Reports” did a deep-dive into the UFO phenomena as it’s December so there’s only so much news to go around. Todd genuinely seemed interested in the subject, asking Graff what’s the one thing the public doesn’t know about UFOs, but that’s he’s uncovered in his years of expertise on the topic.

“There is something real here,” Graff replied. “There are things out there in our air space that we do not understand what they are, and that those could represent exquisite new adversary technology, but they could also represent science that we don’t understand.” And the government is absolutely covering up their level of knowledge on what these things are, where they come from, and their purpose here on Earth. (RELATED: The Biggest Takeaways From Tucker On UFOs)

Graff isn’t sure whether this is “meaningful knowledge,” which is where Burchett’s push for greater transparency comes in. Burchett is leading the call for unelected governmental bodies, such as the people who run the Pentagon and most of our intelligence agencies, to disclose the full extent of their information on UFOs to the public.

“You know, since 1947, they’ve told us these things don’t exist, yet Harry Reid funded, very well funded millions of dollars towards research of it. And they spent a whole heck of a lot of time, effort. And money on telling the American public they don’t exist, but yet they’re studying. Case in point, I proposed an amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill and it basically just said if a commercial airline pilot were to spot some anomaly or a UFO, as we used to call them, and they would issue a report to the FAA, which they would, but also that report would be made to Congress,” Burchett told Todd.

It’s an absolutely fair ask, considering the only reason these agencies exist is because We The People fund them. Withholding that information is borderline theft, if you really think about it. (RELATED: Republican Rep. Tim Burchett Claims UFOs Could ‘Turn Us Into Charcoal Briquette’ And More In Shocking Interview)

But then again, every few years or so, the UFO/UAP community manage to convince one or two sitting congressmen or senators to take up metaphorical arms over the blatant data disinformation spread by Big Government and their unelected agencies (funded by us, the taxpayers). It’s a noble cause, but will it make a difference?

Literally no. But let’s give these guys an A for effort since Americans seem absolutely fine awarding people with good grades despite them doing absolutely nothing.