Rare Moment On CNN Leads To Even More Unusual Event During Fox & Friends

Screenshot: [Left: CNN/Right: Fox News]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The hosts of “Fox & Friends” gave CNN’s Dana Bash “kudos” for confronting Democratic “Squad” member Pramila Jayapal over her lackluster condemnation of Hamas raping Israeli women.

Jayapal told Bash that while rape is “horrific,” “we have to be balanced” in condemning both sides of the conflict.

“But you don’t see Israeli soldiers raping,” Bash shot back.


Fox & Friends host Lawrence Jones gave “a lot of kudos” to Bash.


“There are some people at her network that haven’t been as forceful. There’s some people at other networks that haven’t been forceful, and [Jayapal] is the chair of the Progressive caucus. The question is, and I want people to really think about this, for months now, for years actually, we’ve heard about women’s rights. We have heard about equal justice,” Jones said, “There is an entire campaign of hate toward Jewish people, and the same outrage, the same condemnation, is not being projected.” (RELATED: ‘My Lord’: Scarborough, Brzezinski Appear Visibly Disgusted By ‘Squad’ Democrat)

“I think it was great of Dana Bash to press the congresswoman,” he continued.

Co-host Steve Doocy also offered credit to Bash for her “great question.”

“[Jayapal] hasn’t really denounced [Hamas] that vocally,” Doocy said. “Instead, rather than denouncing Hamas, she is talking about the Palestinian people. You have got to denounce Hamas, period! Because that is the source of evil, and that is what Israel is working to do, to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth.”

It took the UN Women, a department in the United Nations that describes itself as a “global champion for gender equality,” 56 days to condemn the mass rape of Israeli women by Hamas.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen tweeted that the message was “weak and late” after having come two months after the attack.